The VEETERETZ UKRAINIAN DANCE FESTIVAL is committed to providing aspiring Ukrainian dancers with a positive, informative learning environment, and an intention to enhance dancer's personal growth as well as to provide opportunities to strive towards attaining higher levels of Ukrainian dance achievement and education.

Within the Alberta Ukrainian Dance Community, the Veeteretz Ukrainian Dance Festival, founded in 2005 is recognized as progressive thinking and culturally grounded festival. It was born out of the recognized need for an innovative festival experience in Alberta, focusing on the creation of a public awareness of Ukrainian Dance. It provides participants with a competitive environment dedicated to high artistic standards. The VUDF WELCOMES all aspiring Ukrainian Dancers for a distinctly unique and fufilling festival experience!

Continuing its novel organizational tradition , it is the first alberta Ukrainian dance festival to:

  1.   establish three divisions/tiers for entries - family, registration and pre-requisite(formally known as audition) - which transparently affords equitable dance opportunities for success based on dancers' current level of dance acheievement as opposed to years of dance experience;
  2.   offer acknowledgement awards for BEST CHOREOGRAPHY, MOST PROMISING and OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE through each adjudication session to recognize a greater number of training and performance efforts; and
  3.   be hosted at a venue with practise space, ample and sizeable change rooms, in addition to a state-of-the-art theatre facility.

Dancers from the VUDF 2018

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