Photo Release Consent

Photos will be taken during the Festival by a photographer exclusively hired by the Veeteretz Ukrainian Dance Festival (VUDF). In accordance with and compliance to the Alberta's Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA). The VUDF is informing all dancers parents, and gardians of their intent to take pictures during the festival including both on stage and in the rehearsal or dressing room area of the Dow Centennial Centre. Photos taken will be used solely for the purpose of future Festivals PR and will not include ANY publication of name(s). It is the responsibility of each dancing group/club/organization to inform all their dancers participating in the 2019 festival of this photo intent.

Should a participant chose not to have their child(ren) photo taken, it is their responsibility to inform the Festival Chair in writing by email ( prior to March 1, 2019.

Through their registration in this years Festival (each name(s) listed on each entry form). INDIVIDUAL PARTICIPANTS automatically CONSENT to having ther photo taken during the festival ad understand that and give permission for his/her photos to be used for future Festival PR including advertising, programs, and/or websites.

Dancers from the VUDF 2018

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