We rcognize that Adjudicators' (whether GROUP or SOLOS/DUETS) dance expertise, vast knowledge and experiences, enables them to provide consistent, objective marking and informative commentary.

The festival's mission statement, to provide aspiring Ukrainian dancers with opportunities to strive towards attaining higher levels of Ukrainian Dance achievement and education is further supported by VUDF's regional, age level and divisional/tier organization of the netires(i.e. hutzul entries are scheduled with other hutzul entries as much as possible).

Additionally, the conscious effort to structure the festival according to similarities maintains uniformity in dance lexicon, styles and character, and provides validity in scoring and feedback. This transparency with divisional/tier entries affords equitable opportunities for success as it is based on a dancer's current level of dance ability and training, as opposed to solely noting years of dance experience which may not allow for impartial appraisals.

A concerted effort is made to choose an adjudicator who holds no affiliation with that years participants. This maintains fairness and objectivity.

Dancers from the VUDF 2018

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