All dances will be marked according to the following:

  •   GOLD    with a mark of 90% or above
  •   SILVER    with a mark of 85% - 89%
  •   BRONZE    with a mark of 80% - 84%
  •   MERIT    with a mark of 79% and below

Competitors will be adjudicated on their technique and presentation of Ukrainian Dance. The following will be given consideration:

  •   Classical Technique
  •   Precision / Synchronization
  •   Projection of Character / Expression
  •   Spatial
  •   Awareness / Directionality
  •   Ukrainian Technique
  •   Musicality
  •   Enthusiasm / Energy
  •   Confidence /Poise
Acknowledgement Awards

Being focused on a positive learning environment and enhancing personal growth and development, VUDF has expanded their awards beyond the long established merit, broze, silver, and gold scoring system. Within each age group of the regionalized categories, VUDF stays true to their role as innovators within the dance community and gives recognition and acknowledgement to "Best Choreography, Most Promising, and Outstanding Performance" within each adjudication session.

The inclusion of these types of acknowledgement Awards by other festivals is evidence of common strong held beliefs and practices initiated by the V.U.D.F.

Adjudicators Choice

The Veeteretz Ukrainian Dance Festival awards scholarship funding for individuals whom have proven themselves as incredible artists and athletes through their performances. These scholarship awards are given to the winners of the adjudicators Choice Award. This is a great way for the festival to pay forward the opportunity of dance and keep the Ukrainian dance community thriving and support the youth in their endeavors.

Dancers from the VUDF 2018

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