Veeteretz Festival


Explanation of V.U.D.F's Entry Structure

We have introduced the division/tier structure to reflect the variety and calibre of Ukrainian dance programs currently in existence. For example, some dancers participate in classes held once a week for about 1 hour in length, while others may dance in more intensive programs that involve an audition process. Acceptance into audition programs is dependant upon a predetermined level of dance ability/acheivement independantly set by the dance school/club/organization or association.

Dancers accepted into these programs may dance upward of 3 hours a week and may have additional requirements such as mandatory co-requisite ballet classes. Differences in dance programs and opportunities, has prompted the Veeteretz to be the first festival to create a division/tier entry structure in the name of fairness. In doing so, dancers are then adjudicated with and compared to those with similar dance training and experience.

Should instructors choose to do so, as a "registration" division group, you have the option to have your dancers participate at the "pre-requisite" division should you truly feel this is in your best interests.

Our festival was established to meet the needs of all Ukrainian dancing schools, regardless of intensity of training, and to annually join together to celebrate our culture through dance.

Statistical support for our entry Structure

In 2016, it was observed at an audition groups festival WITHOUT differentiation between registration and audition groups that the "Audition/Pre-requisite" Award standingd were as follows:

  •   Solo won 4/9 awards
  •   Duets won 3/8 awards
  •   Small Group won 3/5 awards
  •   Medium Group won 1/5 awards

We are proud of the innovative measures we have implemented in the name of equity - noting the diversity of participants bring with them regarding varied levels of performances.

Available Entry Options

THREE Divisions of Entry are available. Dance(s) are to be entered in one of the following:

  1.   DIVISION: "F"(family)
    • - a parent is dancing with his or her children.
  2.   DIVISION:"P"(pre-requisite)
    • - membership and/or participation in a dance, dancing group /school /club /organization is conditional on the following:
      1. audition
      2. required enrollment in an additional dance discipline or technique (i.e. ballet technique, or Ukrainian technique)
    • The Pre-Requisite Division applies to all classifications including solos, duets and groups. Solos, duets, and groups which comprise of 50% or above of dancers from "a" or "b" are to be entered in the Pre-Requisite division
    • - membership and/or participation in a dance or dancing group /school /organization /club is by REGISTRATION.

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